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Speech is power, speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel….R W Emerson

Corporate Communication Programme

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Learn how to deliver captivating presentations and enhance your brand through corporate storytelling. Tailored programs to meet the unique needs of you or your team. The persuasive communicators gain support, sales and influence.
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Public Workshops on Presentation Skills

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You will become an influential speaker when you pick up powerful tools and techniques. Whether you are speaking to corporate teams, answering to stakeholders or speaking at a major conference, this workshop is essential.
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One to One Presentation Coaching

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Create compelling content through proven presentation processes and strategies. You will be seen as the expert in your field as you give your audience an experience, not just a speech.
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Increase your confidence, competence & credibility with engaging business presentations.  

All programs are tailor made to match your unique requirements and can contain the following proven techniques to ensure you deliver powerful presentations:


  • How to Structure your speech for maximum effect from the opening to the closing.
  • The PARTS Formula for Creating Killer Content in your Speeches
  • The 7 Cs to Master Storytelling and make unforgettable points
  • The 17 biggest mistakes most speakers make
  • Generate interesting question and answer section, audience interaction and activities to achieve optimum engagement.
  • Generate powerful presentation slides that will enhance your message.
  • More than 10 delivery tools that will keep your audiences spellbound
  • How to SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People) from the back of the room

Schedule a complimentary discovery session with Karen, and find out which approach best suits your needs.  With a Certified World Class Speaker Coach and Professional Speaker by your side, you will learn how your message can leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

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I have partnered up with such amazing people and delighted to assist them either individually or with their teams.

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“I’ve had the privilege to work with Karen on multiple occasions, and she always proved to be a skilled communicator, a marvellous educator and a great leader.  She has a special way of owning the audience with her smile and energy – a true example of an experienced public speaker that I will always learn from” 

Mohammed Qahtani

World Champion Of Public Speaking 2015

Having attended Karen’s workshop, I now have an in depth understanding of the various ingredients required in putting together a speech and also presenting it effectively. The interactive element of the workshop was particularly useful   I came away feeling alot more confident and ready to present with impact!!

Ger Murphy

IT Consultant