One to One Coaching

Karen O'Donnell

Karen O'Donnell

Communication Coach/Mentor/Speaker

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One to One Coaching

The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send, but by what the listener receives…. Lilly Walters


For generations, experiences of  hardship, valour and successes  were retold through nursery rhymes, songs and stories. With every story, brought a challenge, and a change/learning for the main character.  Your product or service can be that change for your audience!  A well-crafted story is the anchor that helps your audience to engage, connect and remember you and your product/service.

If you want to become a presenter who can inspire and engage others with your stories – Karen can help you to transform your experiences into compelling business stories.  You will learn to breathe life into your stories and create captivating content, which will keep your audiences leaning on your every word.

Storytelling is one of the vital components to a presentation, here are some of the other areas you can master with Karen:

  • How to establish a connection with an audience before you step foot on the stage
  • 3-Step winning formula for opening your speech with great impact
  • How to gain that competitive edge through well-crafted stories
  • The vital component to delivering a striking speech
  • The four-step formula that appeals to each personality type in your audience
  • Mastering Foundational Phrases to ensure clear points
  • 10 World Class Speaking delivery tools to engage your audience from
  • 4-step formula to closing your speech in the most powerful way
  • 8 Keys to having an effective Q&A session to enhance your credibility
  • Create presentations with a proven repeatable process can make speech writing more enjoying and less time consuming.

If you are looking for an experienced certified World Class Speaking Coach to help you translate your ideas into a compelling message, then Karen can show you how along with helping you speak with greater ease, authenticity and presence.

By learning the art of Public Speaking and Business Storytelling you can leave a lasting impression on your audience each time you STAND OUT to SPEAK UP.

As an effective communicator, you will be seen as the expert in your field which will increase your leads, strengthen your brand and boost your business growth.

Karen is part of a world-wide team of coaches to ensure she is  keeps up to date with cutting edge tools and techniques so as her clients can to leaders, speakers and business owners.

Karen helps leaders, executives and organisations to create, refine and deliver powerful presentations with compelling business stories. If you are ready to take action, to STAND OUT when you SPEAK UP with high-impact presentation skills, contact Karen O’Donnell , she can help you to transform your communication.

To find out how Karen can customise a program for you, click here to schedule a free discovery session with Karen.

Karen O'Donnell, Communications Coach
Karen O'Donnell, Communications Coach

With a background in HR and experience over 20+ years, Karen has enjoyed working with a wide range of staff from diverse cultural backgrounds within national and international clients. Her avid interest in communication led her to Toastmasters where she received various awards including District Toastmaster of the year & Distinguished Toastmaster. Karen has developed and delivered several training programs in Communications and also Employee Engagement.

As an experienced Coach, Karen is passionate about the development of Emotional Intelligence. Corporations are seeing the positive impact it has on employees in the work environment. Assisting teams in becoming aware of actions and feelings and the impact they have on productivity is particularly effective. By enhancing team dynamics – teams can work towards meeting goals of the organisation in a mature and coordinated fashion.

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