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Growing up, my passion for public speaking was non-existent.  As an introvert, I was rather shy and reserved and there was no early indication that I would be a professional public speaker and presentation skills coach.

Having spent most of my early working life in HR, I up-skilled and worked privately as a Personal Growth Coach.  My clients would quickly develop the mindset to overcome challenges and find working solutions.   Frequently, I would be asked to give workshops or speak at events.  The thought terrified me!!   The mere thought of speaking in front of people, would have my heart racing, I would break out in a cold sweat and physically feel nauseous.

It was around this time that I married Fran and started a family.  A traumatic event after the birth of our second child left me in no doubt that I needed to be more visible and STAND OUT when I SPOKE UP.

And so, my journey began – learning all I could about the art of public speaking.  I invested both time and money in learning this skill and received mentoring from some of the best speakers in the world. 

Fast forward to now, I love sharing my expertise on stage with audiences.  As a Professional Speaker and Certified World Class Speaking Coach I work with professionals worldwide and help them to develop their individual speaking style. 

I specialise in showing executives and entrepreneurs how to profit from powerful presentation.  I help leaders and organisations transform their speaking skills, so they can move audiences to action. 

You will learn to be more confident with your material, and captivating in your delivery.   By mastering business storytelling, you will be the most captivating speaker your company has ever seen.  You will pick up powerful tools and techniques and become an influential speaker that people will want to learn from.  You will be recognised as the expert in your field.

With a Certified World Class Speaker Coach and Professional Speaker by your side, you will learn how your message can leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

The art of communicating holds many practical benefits that go far beyond delivering a project presentation or holding a successful meeting.

With expert coaching & a dynamic approach, your teams will be communicating more effectively.  By following a proven process, you can give your audience an experience, not just a speech.

I offer tailor-made coaching on an individual basis, masterclasses for small groups and in-house training. Let’s discuss which option would work for your requirements to achieve your desired outcome.  


Karen has merged HR, Coaching & Public Speaking to assist her clients in STANDING OUT and SPEAKING UP.

Karen's Wake-up Call to Public Speaking!

More Testimonials

I am always grateful for those who trusted me in coaching them to reach their potential.

“I participated in Karen’s  6 week Group Communications Program.  Each session was brim with helpful tips and constructive feedback from Karen.   We all presented in front of video and by the end of the program, it was great to see the progress we had made.  I found Karen’s work to be absolutely relevant to being able to communicate effectively.  Karen’s advice and ability to work with you to make your communication more meaningful and ability to be heard, are excellent.”

Francis Connell

Healthcare Professional

“Karens workshop oozed enthusiasm and energy.  I loved this workshop.  Lots of ‘light bulb’ moments – thank you for that amazing breakthrough!  I’m charged with an energy I’ve never known before, and am up at dawn, eager to greet the day, head on!”

Deirdre Walsh

Healthcare Professional

“I’ve known Karen since December 2015 when I reached out to her with a request for support to help me in my goal of improving the communication skills of my team in work. From day 1 Karen has shown herself to be an extremely positive and supportive person with excellent communication and leadership skills. She exudes energy and has demonstrated that she has vast expertise in the areas of communication and team leadership. As a result, my team has gone from strength to strength. We owe a lot to Karen for all the work that she has done with us.”

Paul Thompson

HR Operations & Transformation Lead @ Google Ireland

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I’m a professional speaker who speaks on…

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Engagement
  • Presentation Skills
  • Personal Growth

I’ve worked with many corporate and personal clients …

who wanted to become confident, persuasive and effective communicators.  Communication and public speaking is an art which can be learned.  Let me help you become a speaker of influence.

     I can train your team in…

  • Effective Communication
  • Brand Story telling
  • Employee Engagement

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