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Karen O’Donnell – The Speech Coach that CEO’s, Executives & Presenters go to, for help.   Get expert coaching in Karen’s public speaking courses, masterclasses or one to one sessions!

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I Coach...

executives on the psychology of communication and assist them with specific events.  

I Train...

corporate teams to become more effective speakers and persuasive presenters.  

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to engage and connect with the audience.  

Clients I work with

What my clients say...

“Karen was an enthusiastic ear and gave me great feedback to refine and perfect my presentation.  She gave me the confidence and structure I needed and removed the fear for me. I have no hesitation in recommending Karen as a Speech Coach.”

Ross Killeen

CEO Event Junkies & Motherland

“Karen O’Donnell brings her positive, can-do attitude to every endeavour, and has been a reliable and valued advisor. Karen’s presentations are engaging and her speaking style is warm-hearted, empathetic, and inclusive. I look forward to continued collaboration with Karen, and benefitting from her smart ideas, calming presence, and unwavering positivity and support.”

Karen Henry

Digital Marketing Strategist, Accenture Dublin